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Handmade red gold art scarf, boho hippie fashion

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Handmade red gold art scarf, boho hippie fashion
Handmade red gold art scarf, boho hippie fashion
Handmade red gold art scarf, boho hippie fashion
Handmade red gold art scarf, boho hippie fashion
Handmade red gold art scarf, boho hippie fashion

A unique artwear boho style long fringie scarf in vibrant red, golds, black, purple and hints of wine tones in a short petite length. One of a kind scarves keep your wardrobe original!

Add a pop of texture to your wardrobe with artsy fringe! These short Fringies are a collection of artsy fibers, not overbearing. A simple way to add a little artsy fringe to your neck.

*This is the short, thinner option. For a fuller longer option see the long length. The short option is a light weight decorative option with fewer wrapping options. Great on petites and dressing up any simple top!

Tie it
Wrap it
Drape it
Loop it
Twist it
Pin it
Tangle it
Fringie it!

So simple, yet so fun and versatile! I have built up quite the stash of yarn, ribbon and random textiles over the years, that fringies are full of so many different materials! I've officially sold over 4,500 Fringies in oodles of color blends! This is the easiest, most unique gift~ it's one size fits all! I do my best not to remake the same color combination-piece more than once so you will have a unique piece (except for highly sought after color combos, which do have varied materials so you still have a unique piece) !! They're great for teens, adults and kids! Perfect for a little sparkle on adults - great with t-shirt and jeans and well, anything! This Fringie has a length of approximately 4’-6” in length and packed with unique fibers! Perfect for all ages!

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Fringies have a blend of tons of my favorite knitting textures and yarns all tied together into one pure fringe piece! Fringies include everything from ribbon, fluffy faux fur, ladder ribbon, cotton, chenille, nylon, eyelash, boucle and more! The fringe is the best part of a scarf after all, right?? The knots at the ends make it easy to wrap and unwrap by acting as little ‘handles’ to pull it loose and unwind.

Fringies are a great way to show of your decorative pins too!

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