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Handmade Fringie scarf in purple orange

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Handmade Fringie scarf in purple orange
Handmade Fringie scarf in purple orange
Handmade Fringie scarf in purple orange
Handmade Fringie scarf in purple orange
Handmade Fringie scarf in purple orange

Art yarn handmade bohemian vibrant scarf by rockpaperscissorsetc 

The perfect vibrant dress-me-up scarf for The bright personality.  Fall rich colors of vibrant purple and orange with hints of black, blue and gold. Add some artsy texture to your wardrobe with artsy fringe! Lightweight, warm and filled with unique textures.

Tie it
Wrap it
Drape it
Loop it
Twist it
Pin it
Tangle it
Fringie it!

Lomg / full length, at approximately 6’-6” long. Lightweight and artsy. So simple, yet so fun and versatile! I have built up quite the stash of yarn, ribbon and random textiles over the years, that fringies are full of so many different materials! I've officially sold over 3,700  fringies. Good thing I enjoy making them! I do my best not to remake the same color combination-piece more than once except those highly sought after combinations, so you will have a unique piece!!

They're great for teens, adults and kids! Perfect for a little sparkle on adults - great with t-shirt and jeans! This Fringie is perfect on teens to adults! This piece is packed with unique novelty fibers, great textural materials vibrant hues and fun, rare ribbons, including Halloween!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

This is a great simple, no-hassle gift or perfect to add to your own wardrobe! Fringies are fun no matter how you wear them - wrapped, tied, locked in place with an artistic pin and more!

Fringies have a blend of tons of my favorite knitting textures and yarns all tied together into one pure fringe piece! Fringies include everything from hand-dyed freyed ribbon, satin, ladder ribbon, cotton, chenille, nylon, eyelash, boucle and more! The fringe is the best part of a scarf after all, right?? The knots in the middle make it easy to wrap and unwrap by acting as little 'handles' to pull it loose and unwind.

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