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Handmade cotton blue tie dye face mask with nose wire

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Handmade cotton blue tie dye face mask with nose wire
Handmade cotton blue tie dye face mask with nose wire
Handmade cotton blue tie dye face mask with nose wire

Contour style batik handmade barrier pollution face mask with nose wire. Medium blue and orange tie dye reversible with different color patterns on each side. This mask has a sewn in nose wire. Two-layered mask, cotton batik. Non medical. This is an adult average female size mask and older teen. Includes sliders for adjustable ear elastic. Scoop contour shape at cheeks / under eyes.

*Buyer feedback has redesigned this to include chin pocket for filter. It lays flatter and doesn’t have pocket access seams on cheeks. Lays flat and has given me five star feedback. (Thank you!) Over 3,000 masks sold since March (on two sites). Thank you so much.

On person example is not this mask, shown for shape and fit only. Elastic is soft and stretchy. Of course I can’t guarantee fit as all faces and head sizes vary.

These are top stitched for strength and to retain shape (many others online are not).

Includes wire at bridge of nose.

I have donating these to WI organizations, VA facilities and vet clinics.

*Handmade masks are non-surgical and non-medical. Not for medical use. By purchasing, you acknowledge this is not a medical grade device and release liability.

These barrier masks are breathable with two layers. Washable and reusable.

Batiks: Machine wash or hand wash batiks on cold. Hand wash is easiest with gentle detergent. Air dry recommended ( or machine dry on permanent press). Place another fabric over your batik to iron.
Cottons will generally require ironing. Use a lingerie bag in the wash to prevent elastic from tangling on other items.

Keep from touching your face while wearing. Added face protection for environmental conditions such as smog and poor air quality.

These are strong with durable seams. Not factory produced.

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