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Hand Tied Art Yarn, Custom Blend Scarf Skein

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Hand Tied Art Yarn, Custom Blend Scarf Skein
Hand Tied Art Yarn, Custom Blend Scarf Skein
Hand Tied Art Yarn, Custom Blend Scarf Skein
Hand Tied Art Yarn, Custom Blend Scarf Skein
Hand Tied Art Yarn, Custom Blend Scarf Skein
Hand Tied Art Yarn, Custom Blend Scarf Skein
Hand Tied Art Yarn, Custom Blend Scarf Skein

Custom hand tied feza-like worsted weight art yarn. Hand Tied Art Yarn mini skein with a variety of fibers, ribbons and yarns, - perfect for knitting, weaving yarns, tapestry, crafts, fringe, and more! These fiber packed skeins are great to add part fringe to your knit, cowls, drop knit scarves and more. See my collections for inspiration! Black gold aqua purple and more. 

** Finished product images mixed in are for inspiration! What will you create? These are the same blends and mixes of thickness, unique fibers I use in my own pieces.

I have so much yarn I couldn’t possibly use it all in the next 10 years! I’ve decided to ‘destash’ some of my custom blends (a very rare occassion for me to list my yarn blends other than selling to retailers!). I purchase yarn from all over the world, numerous manufacturers and hand-crafters and then reblend them together in fun color and material combinations!

Fibers are in approximately 12”- 24” lengths, tied with fringe left at 1-3” lengths for a funky knit piece! A whopping 85 yards approximately.

Not recommended for the beginner knitter.

Great for weaving! I use a two ply blend (with a other consistent fiber) in most of my pieces. Pull fringe to one face as you weave or knit.

Needle size 6-8, or larger if you pair it with a second consistent fiber (which I do) and great for drop knit patterns. *great for weaving looms with a different consistent base warp fiber. ***See my woven ponchos and knit pieces for samples.

This skien is a blend of numerous novelty and worsted weight materials, in blends that are one-of-a-kind, handspun, some hand-dyed, hand spun, and some commercially manufactured. Includes merino and silk.

These are a great way to get a multitude of materials for scrapbooking, embroidery and knitting without purchasing a ton of full skeins. I knit with these skiens to create my personalized ‘dumpster diva’ scarves and shawls. Leave the fringed ends exposed for a great styling look or trim them for a more refined multitextural piece.

See Raverly and you tube for suggested patterns with hand tied yarns in varying thicknesses. (I make my own patterns and am not at the point to sell them just yet.)

The materials range from microfiber, cotton, lycra blends, nylon, eyelash, satin, merino, cotton, rayon chenille, ribbon and more! These skiens vary greatly in material weight, thickness, texture and fiber content.

These one of a kind yarn skeins make great gifts for the knitter and crafter!

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